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[28-07]Update 1 : the about page is done!! there's so many facts i wrote down lmao. I just need to adapt it to mobile, it gets squashed.
[28-07] Update 2: it's adjusted for mobile now, yay!
[28-07] Update 3: i added a chatbox to the main page so if you have time ples leave a msg
[29-07]Update 4: This update log, heehe
[29-07] Update 5:I made a new fancy button so my website can be linked anywhere! Check it out!
[29-07] Update 6: new background for the about page! Im thinking of adding an art page..but that'll be tomorrow. Good work today!
[01-08] Update 7: I added a small gallery to the about page with art that doesnt relate to any of my ocs, and a graphics section with my custom cursor and buttons!
[06-08] Update 8: I remade the concept of the front page!! Now it's very mobile friendly too :D
[10-08] Update 9: The about page is sexy now. hOW. Also ive been stuck in an artblock for a while but im slowly recovering. Im finishing my drafts for the remaining pages :)