General information

Hi! My name is Huriita. I'm a spanish 19 year old girl, and i live in a biig city. I love crammed, little spaces and i myself live in a small apartment; i like to think of this website as my small home on the internet. (Which im currently moving into. Analogy for me building this website hahaha) AND I AM AS SLOW AS IF I WAS BUILDING A REAL HOUSE ;_;

Time for some Huriita trivia!



My hiperfixations are Lobotomy Corp and Dead by Daylight (+ Cookie Run recently). I get obsessed with stories with neverending suffering and murderous creatures.And with strong women.I LOVE WOMEN

I also like other indie gamse, some examples being Hollow Knight, Yume Nikki, Omori, Stardew...etc- It gets diverse

I'm also a very nature-loving person: not the kind that goes on hikes, i am the kind that likes looking at the landscape though a car window.(with some good music)→

Seaweed is addictive, and i've hurt my stomach eating too much. My favorite animal is the pigeon (and frog, of course), i think they're heavily underrated.

I have a deep aprecciation for people who leave nice messages in my inbox:D. Lastly, you should get an idea of my favorite type of music listening to this:

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About my art journey

When I was a small child I loved to draw small comics with stick figures in my schoolbooks, on my mom's recipe books, in magazines...I had a big imagination. Then one day, I discovered the internet and watched anime there. I found their art style so beautiful, that I tried to replicate it (and failed). But little ol' me didn't give up and I managed to convince my parents to buy me a digital tablet. This is how I got here today! After a lot of work and dedication to my craft. I hope I keep having the motivation to draw as I get older and I keep getting better of course.
All the art on the website is made by me. I don't usually do pixel art but it's very fun. I'd feel very accomplished if my website inspired you in any way〜

PHOTO ALBUM (discord nuked it U_U...will fix later)

This gallery is a compilation of drawings of Huriita n friends! The lore of the witch will go on her section on the character's page. These artworks are not part of any (fictional) story in particular, enjoy!

The Watersheep Cult is my group of online friends!

A series of Inscription fanart. It's a great game, and you should try it if you like card games. My character looks like a child on these artworks...


WITCH LORE (coming soon)